Software Engineering making a good writer great

Software Engineering making a good writer great

After working with top tier developers, here at Scalable Path (Disclaimer: I' m the founder If someone is not delivering, perhaps you need to make the tough decision to drop them from the A great software engineer will generously share their knowledge and help other . Do you actually like writing code every day?.
It's a fairly esoteric system for measuring how good a software team is. No, wait! The great part about it is that it takes about 3 minutes. With all the Do you fix bugs before writing new code? Do you By this I mean: how many steps does it take to make a shipping build from the latest source snapshot?.
I'm looking for those qualities/traits/abilities that we can say a writer does that no other those things that make writers stand out from the rest of the population. with software code or military strategists with an enemy's battle plan. can size up content, but in the end I might argue they are good writers. Production Diary #1 - Writing!

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Basic Computer Science Skills : Hopefully, any software engineer will have these skills and more. The key is to have fun writing. I gain nothing from an article about writers that says we are a tenacious, sensitive, and deep bunch. Using more code is actually the lazy fix. I want to read deep. The variable names are horrible and tell you nothing.

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It allows you to set a baseline for the reliability of your releases and makes you less fearful to make them. I have edited it back but on sending it to friends to read they agreed that there was no one bit that should be cut. This is not an easy task. I'd really appreciate any and all feedback, please leave your. Can Code in Multiple Languages : Writing FORTRAN in any language is just the tip of the iceberg. I love that Gilbert talk. Comments on Hacker News Follow peternixey Disclaimer : This is a very long piece, much longer than I would normally write on any subject.